Monday, December 31, 2012

Upcycled Wine Bottle

Well I did my very first project for the blog today! With it being New Years Eve I am sure everyone will have a few empty wine, beer, or sparkling cider bottles laying around the house tomorrow and instead of throwing them away try upcycling them!! Here is a simple project that turns any kind of glass bottle into a unique flower vase!

Step 1.
Fill a large pot with ice cold water.

Step 2.
Wrap a piece of cotton string around the bottle about 6 times and tie.

Step 3.
Take string off bottle and soak in Acetone fingernail polish for about 30 seconds.

Step 4.
Put string back on bottle where you want to cut the bottle.

Step 5.
With lighter, light the string on fire and spin the bottle quickly as it burns. Continue spinning until the flame goes out. The longer it burns the better. For really thick bottles you might have to do this a couple times.

Step 6.
When flame goes out quickly submerge bottle in ice cold water and watch your bottle break.

Step 7.
Use sandpaper to sand the edges smooth.

This is a fun, easy project!! I hope you all enjoyed my first of many many many blog posts!!

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