Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Resolutions

My little family was so tremendously blessed in 2012! We started off the year with the addition of our sweet baby boy, Penn, who arrived in February and every single moment since then has been full of love and laughter (ALOT of laughter)!! Now we are starting a new year full of new surprises and I can't help but join the masses and plan out all these resolutions that I will probably do for a week and then forget about (hopefully not). I tried to be a lot more realistic this year and choose only the things that I think are important and things that I know are possible with a active little boy at home all day! So here they are:
  • Make time for quiet time every day!
  • Watch less T.V. & Read more books
  • Develop a cleaning routine
  • Declutter & Get rid of things not needed
  • Choose a healthier lifestyle (figure out a workout routine that works at least 2-3xs/week & learn healthier recipes & drink more water)
  • Grow my photography business
Hopefully you will be able to keep me accountable as I post my updates on here! I have to say I am totally motivated as of today...we finally sold the futon and lamps that have been collecting dust in the office!! 

Let me know what your resolutions for 2013 are!! & maybe we can help each other!

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  1. Eat healthier, keep up with the exercising and sell some of the items I sew!