Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Motivates You?

Well it is only January 3rd and I can tell I am already starting to lose that initial motivation I had for my resolutions. My main goal was to get our home organized and clean. I started by selling a few large items (futon, floor lamps) in our home that we haven't used in over a year on Craigslist. Then I organized Penn's room and all his new toys from Christmas. Yesterday I tackled the kitchen cabinets. I have been making great progress but now that all the big things on my list are done I am struggling to get moving. So this morning I decided to think of some ways to keep myself motivated throughout the year.
  1. Make a list of everything you can think of that you would like cleaned or organized in your home. Make sure it is a detailed list of even the smallest tasks. I work best off of a list. There is something very gratifying about watching each thing get marked off.
  2. Come up with a schedule or set time limits. For example I know I can not clean the floors when Penn is awake so that is the first thing I try to get done when he lays down for a nap. I also like to set time limits to motivate me. For me, I love to watch T.V. and I am trying to keep the T.V. off until I get certain things done each day. So if I want to watch the Chew at 1:00 I better get moving!!
  3. Create a playlist of songs that motivates you! For me there is just certain songs or music genres that are easier to clean to.
  4. Maybe use a new scent. I just recently picked up a new essential oil to add to all my homemade cleaning products and I love to clean with it!
  5. Something a friend of mine told me was try to think of you husband coming home as you would a friend coming over. How would you want your house to look if you had a friend coming over? Your husband is your best friend!! So think of how pleased he would be to come home to a clean house!
These are just a few things that motivate me...what are some other things that motivate you?


  1. I added you to a group on FB - Home Organization 101... Check out her blog too - A Bowl Full of Lemons :)